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3600 Calorie Food Bar
3600 Calorie Food Bar

3600 Calorie Food Bar


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3600 ca Emergency Food Bar

"A minimum of three days emergency food and water." That's the recommendation of the Department of Homeland Security and countless other disaster relief agencies. Well here is the easiest way to insure you, your family, school or corporation have this critical requirement. As disaster shelters can take hours to a full days to get regular meal service, this is a great way to make sure you and your family have the basics.

In our testing, these are the best tasting emergency food bars on the market. The 3600 calorie package contains 9 food bars with 400 calories of food each bar. Each interior bar is equal to a low-cal meal in one bar. The food has a pleasant taste similar to an oatmeal cookie, but is designed to reduce your thirst, thus helping to conserve your emergency water needs unlike a store-bought high-calorie "energy bar". Most people use one package for 3 days emergency food for one person.

Originally designed for rescue operations, emergencies or stressful situations where people may be stranded without food for an extended time in the following areas:
  • Natural Disasters: Earthquake, hurricane, flood, tornado, famine relief, etc. Could be placed at home in emergency kit, in every car, school, or with other emergency supplies.
  • Recreational: Hiking, biking, camping, caving, mountaineering, and wilderness exploration.
  • Aviation: Emergency survival gear and emergency liferafts.
  • Marine: Lifeboats and liferafts.
General Description: A Compact, fortified, efficient, baked survival food ration specifically formulated to provide a balanced minimum daily diet with limited drinking water availability. It is specifically designed for personnel required to abandon ship and for all other natural disasters to sustain life until rescue or additional food is available.

Suitable for:
All age groups from infants through elderly.

Dietary Standard:
Complies with Halal and Vegetarian requirements.

Product Use:
Can be eaten as is without any preparation. For infants, elderly, or injured people, can be used with liquids for drinking or mashed into porridge.

Each packet provides 3682 Kcal (15,460 kJ) and contains 9 individually wrapped, fortified food bars of 409 Kcal (1,720 kJ) and 3,682 Kcal (15,460 kJ) and contains 9 individually wrapped, fortified food bars of 409 Kcal (1,720 kJ)

Main Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable shortening, sugar, coconut, corn starch, corn syrup, vitamins.

Packaging: Grease proof, water vapor proof MIL B-131 barrier material. Heat sealed under partial vacuum.


Why S.O.S. 3,600 ca.Food Rations?
  • The lightest and most compact emergency food ration. S.O.S. products require 20% less space and weigh less than other products with equivalent caloric content.
  • An inexpensive and economical product with superior quality.
  • Significant savings for compliance with U.S. Coast Guard and International Maritime Requirements regarding survival food rations.
  • Dramatic savings of 10%-37% over other products for transportation, handling and storage cost due to reduced weight and volume.
  • Our baked products which are healthier and more palatable than compressed, uncooked products.
  • Drastically reduced sugar-derived calories to 15% of total energy. By contrast, obsolete emergency food packets added sugar cubes or tablets to supply 27%-47% of total calories.
  • Excellent sensory properties of taste, flavor, color, texture, aroma and palatability which are developed only from careful formulation and baking of selected natural ingredients.
  • Sufficient carbohydrates (56% wt) and high caloric density (5.5 kcal/gm; 23.1 kJ/gm) to prevent keto-acidosis resulting from metabolism of body fat due to prolonged hunger. Ketoacidosis is caused by a change in metabolism which makes the body's pH become acidic (rather than neutral), affecting the organs.
  • Restricted protein (4.9%) and low sodium (29 mg/ser.) which reduce physiological body water requirements, minimizing thirst and urination, preventing dehydration, improving morale and prolonging life expectancy.
  • Food components which are compatible with drinking water restrictions typical of ocean rescue conditions, and are NOT gas-forming, costive or cathartic.
  • Convenient to eat survival food rations which can be consumed either dry, or mashed with water when normal chewing is impaired. Low moisture content prevents freezing problems under extremely cold weather conditions.
  • Assured reliability due to extensive technical experience in development and manufacture of specialized nutritional and confectionary bakery products since 1967.
Shelf life: Up to 5 year shelf life, may be safely stored in all climatic conditions. The shelf life is from the manufacture date at the factory and does not include time sitting in storage at our facilities. In general, no order of food or water will arrive to the customer with the full 5 years intact.
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