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If your group has bags that need to be filled or you only need a few supplies to divide among several teams, this is a great kit! If you just want something easy to toss in your gear bag, this is your kit!

Cover all the bases from minor abrasions, insect stings and cuts to CPR, heavy bleeds and more. This kit is MORE than a few bandaids (which most competitors offer), this kit offers you something for every need. You can buy lots and lots of cheap kits and still not get the items you want and need for your team.

Check out our quantity discounts, as well.

Team Value First Aid Kit
Great refill item for all first aid kits, daycare packs, sports team kits and travel first aid. We give you 50 sting relief pads for you to divide and use as needed!

Our sting wipes are manufactured by Safetec of America. Active ingredients are Ethyl alcohol- 50.0% as a First Aid Antiseptic and Lidocaine HCI - 2.0% as a topical analgesic. Also contains BZK, Menthol and purified water. For external use only. Use on adults and children 2 years and older. Apply to cleansed affected area not more than 3 times daily. First aid help to prevent infection in minor scrapes and temporary relief of itching of insect bites.

Sting Relief Wipes - 50-count
Sprague Tubing Replacement kit. So you have a Sprague-style stethoscope but the tubing is old, cracked or dirty and just doesn't look useful any more? Instead of replacing the scope, (maybe it was a gift from Grandma) just get one of our Sprague Tubing Replacement kits and make it look brand new. In just minutes, our kit will give you the tubing, clips and caps to make your stethoscope good and sound great again.

Available in a variety of colors, tubing is 22 inches long.

Sprague Tubing Replacement kit

Make refills a breeze! Our refill pack contains an ample supply of pain meds, nausea, antacid, cold and aspirin supplies. This size fits into 2-3 shelf cabinets; larger fits in to 4-5 shelf units.

Smaller unit contains:

Aspirin tablets - 100/box

Acetaminophen tablets - 100/box

Ibuprofen tablets - 100/box

Antacids - 100/box

Diotame - 24/box

Diamode - 50/box

Larger refill contains:

Ibuprofen Tablets - 250/box

Aspirin Tablets - 250/box

Acetaminophen Tablets - 250/box
Alcalak Antacides - 200/box
Diotame - 100/box
Diamode - 50/box
Medicidin-D - 100/box

Over-the-Counter refill Module

Designed to provide a complete assortment of emergency first aid supplies for people with novice through first responder skills.

Some first aid kit suppliers feel that people with little or no advanced medical training only need a couple of adhesive bandages in a little plastic box. Even if your training is basic, you may still have to cope with serious injuries before the ambulance arrives! Some people with serious injuries can bleed to death in a minute or less, so we have included a full assortment of first aid products to make sure that you don't run short of critical items in a true first aid emergency. We designed our kit to handle a major injury and up to a dozen smaller injuries. The kit includes all you need for CPR and blood-borne pathogens protection, broken bones, burns and numerous other injuries.

Keep one Standard First Aid Trauma kit for disaster preparedness per 100 people in your company. Bag 18" x 10" x 10"(about 10 lbs.) Comes with label and shoulder strap.

This kit is popular with CERT Groups, neighborhood response, churches, businesses on multiple floors of their buildings and any type of emergency response group. Compare at $250 each.

Standard Trauma First Aid Kit
This small Fanny Pack First Aid kit is perfect for scout troups, school outings, Car kits (fits in most glove compartments) where you have basic training and are out with up to 5 people. This can also be used for fund raising efforts at your school, church or activity group.

Fanny Pack First Aid Kit

There are many levels of security protection available today.  Overall, individual clients and corporate executives expect more from their protection teams than just security.  If there is an incident involving an injury or illness, clients expect their team to have supplies and training to fully protect them.  Clients are also using executive protection to travel overseas more often and further away from "first-world" advanced medical care.

Over the years, our experts have made special propose kits that were used all over the world for EP teams for, bug-out packs, safehouses, corporate panic rooms and executive car emergency supplies.  From our experiences and in response to your requests, we offer this stock kit made for Executive Protection professionals, security details and others working on workplace violence protection.  The Executive Protection Trauma Kit 1 is the workhorse of our line.

This kit has been tailored to the skill level and requirements most requested by individuals working in the field and clients they serve.  We provide the user with supplies for serious injuries as well as those convenience items that keep your client comfortable during escorts.  Since these kits are for advanced users, we have also left room for drugs and other prescription items that would accompany any special client needs. (please consult with the client's physician.)

Unlike years ago, when a corporate team might have to carry around unsightly medical looking boxes, we have built the Executive Protection Trauma Kit 1 in a discrete, professional-looking backpack style bag. You can wear it (or use the carrying handles) without annoying pressure points.  This bag stows easily with other travel luggage, in the car trunk or behind a seat. 

Please feel free to contact us about other useful items including an Automatic Defibrillator, Oxygen Kit and more.  Additionally, we can add or change items to your kit to fit your training level or expected use.  Kit prices are based upon the actual final contents list.

See, also, our Advanced Trauma Care kit for safe house or company disaster (or workplace violence) response supplies.

Executive Protection Trauma First Aid Kit 1 the state of the industry for protecting your executive staff

The Shelter First Aid Station is quickly becoming the national standard for disaster preparednessand shelter management for groups up to 500 people. This kit (and a competent nurse or first aid staff) is what is used to provideemergency first aid and minor medical relief to victims in a shelter.This kit is suggested for relief workers with current or previous EMS,RN or public health backgrounds. Supplied to not only to handle dozensof minor injuries and ailments but also to respond to more serious orlife-threatening injuries until advanced care can arrive fortransport.

Disaster Shelter First Aid Station
The Shelter First Aid Station 2 with advanced diagnostic supplies.
Unfilled D-Tank Oxygen Cylinder

Unfilled D-Tank Oxygen Cylinder
  • Youth Teams
  • Adult Teams
  • Up to 12 Players

Team Player Sports First Aid Kit

OSHA and ANSI Office First Aid Kit Class B Meets the new standard for employee health and safety of larger kits. As all businesses know, First Aid Kits are not optional for any business or facility. Use your existing first aid kit and replace your old-fashioned (possible expired) contents before the 2016 deadline with this value engineered option.  

Save hundreds of dollars not re-placing your large first aid box, while also saving on embarrassing fines for non-compliance.

New First Aid Kit ANSI Standard Class B in Upgrade refurb pack
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