Why Business Preparedness Kits?

10s of millions of workers site in businesses every day. The responsibility to protect those workers is the employer. Protecting workers during emergencies, disasters, and lock-downs is good business because the business recovers faster than their competitors and has better overall morale and productivity. 

Incidents could involve the following:

  • A transportation shutdown that may force employees to stay the night.
  • An earthquake, power outage, storm flood or other natural disasters.
  • Workplace violence or hazardous materials spill within 10 blocks of your business that forces a shelter-in-place (average 4 -14 hours)
  • Spontaneous protest or riot blocking your business.

Why choose SafetyStore for business preparedness?

Did you know the founders of SafetyStore started their business as a disaster consulting, planning and training business in 1991. Unlike many companies that sell safety kits and hope it helps, we have thousands of hours of experience at the scenes of real disasters, working with those affected and witnessing the effects. Here at SafetyStore, we understand every aspect of the environment of business disasters and disruptions. We worked on situations others only see on TV. We have been training businesses for decades about how to operate during these high-stress events.

Our business preparedness kits and systems can help protect and make your employees safer. Preparedness supplies can help protect and repair damage to the facility to reduce $thousands in losses by having the right supplies on hand.

"Let our Business Preparedness Kits be the start or the upgrade to your business contingency efforts."

Business Preparedness Kits

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Used for large-scale, commercial and disaster events, the Millennium will assist several Medical Professionals to provide aid to a multitude of major and minor injuries without worrying about running out of supplies.
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