Health Care Provider CPR Hybrid Class,

A series of cutting-edge online lectures designed to reinforce the knowledge students learned in the classroom and help them pinpoint any areas of weakness. This interactive resource engages today’s students with an exciting and captivating learning experience that is unattainable through traditional printed workbooks or study guides.

Features and benefits of these online lectures include:
  • In-depth reporting and documentation features to enable instructors to track students’ progress and achievements
  • A tracking tool that holds students accountable for out-of-the classroom learning. Students are unable to “fast-forward” through the online lecture slides.
  • Both text and audio narration are offered in order to address students’ diverse learning styles. The text and audio narration can be enabled or disabled at any time.
  • Anytime, anywhere access that provides total flexibility for certification or refresher training
  • A simple, user-friendly interface to ensure that students do not waste time learning how to navigate through the lecture
  • A safe and self-paced training environment that allows students to learn at their own convenience and pace
  • Below is a list of approved training courses for professional level CPR. We are pleased note that we are certified through Emergency Care and Safety Institute ECSI for all levels of CPR and AED training.

    Specification of C.P.R. Requirements – Approved Courses


    The Virginia Office of EMS requires that all individuals hold current certification in C.P.R. as a prerequisite for enrollment in the EMT and EMR Programs (initial full certification courses). Completion of an approved course which tests the following skills is required:

    • One and Two Rescuer C.P.R. – ADULT and CHILD
    • Infant Resuscitation
    • Complete Airway Obstruction – Unconscious Victim
    • Complete Airway Obstruction – Conscious Victim
    • Complete Airway Obstruction – Unconscious Infant
    • Complete Airway Obstruction – Conscious/Choking Infant

    The current courses which are accepted by the Virginia Office of E.M.S. to meet these standards are:

    • American Heart Association – Basic Cardiac Life Support – “BLS Provider” or “Healthcare Provider”
    • American Red Cross – “Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers” or CPR/AED for Lifeguards
    • American Safety and Health Institute – “CPR-PRO” or “BLS for Healthcare Providers and Professional Rescuers”
    • Emergency Care and Safety Institute “Professional Rescuer” / “Healthcare Provider CPR & AED”
    • EMS Safety Services, Inc. – CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers
    • Military Training Network – Healthcare Provider
    • National Safety Council – “Healthcare and Professional Rescuer”
    • ProCPR – “Healthcare Provider” Click here for ProCPRAcceptanceLetter