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Clinical Lite Stethoscope
Hot Pink Clinical Lite Stethoscope

Clinical Lite Stethoscope


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Students and graduates learning to become Nurses, Paramedics, and other allied health professionals, need a great professional level stethoscope that will help then hear the right sounds - but won't break the bank.

The Clinical I® Stethoscope is a classic dual head professional medical tool that is acoustically and aesthetically enhanced by its all stainless steel construction. A fiberglass diaphragm is utilized to optimally detect S1 and S2 heart sounds as well as clear blood pressure and lung sounds, The stethoscope bell side is optimally designed for assessing S3 and S4 heart sounds. The Clinical I® incorporates a snap-on diaphragm retaining ring and a non-chill bell ring which contributes to the ease of use and hygienic cleaning, while enhancing patient comfort.

And since keeping track of your gear is sometimes hard, be sure to choose one of our unique colors.  We have a larger selection stethoscopes available than any other. Check out our quantity discounts to help your class or department get premium medical stethoscopes and save on shipping too.

Accessories Included: Two sizes of soft eartips, replacement diaphragm and ID Tag
Overall Length: Approximately. 31" * 
Weight: Approximately.  3.9 oz* 
Warranty: Lifetime with Free Lifetime Replacement Parts 
Ideal For: Nursing Students, EMT Students, MedTech Students, General Care Nurses, general practitioners, wilderness medicine, advanced first responders, firefighters and more.

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