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Customized Class Nursing Lamp
Most popular is a gold color imprint of your school

Customized Class Nursing Lamp


Size: 6.5 inches long x 4 inches high

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  • $64.50
  • 12 - 23
  • $39.50
  • 24 - 47
  • $39.05
  • 48 - 95
  • $38.50
  • 96 - 143
  • $38.05
  • 144 - 239
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  • 240 - 311
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  • 312 - 431
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  • 576+
  • $36.50

New Factory Pricing 2021 Pricing (includes all factory increases and tariffs)

If your Graduation is from March - June. Please your order at least 8 weeks before needed arrival. Order Now and avoid last-minute Air Shipping.

Great News for Nursing Graduations!

SafetyStore has simplified the ordering of customized graduation nursing lamps and found a way to save you hundreds or even thousands on your class graduation ceremony. Per your requests, our pricing starts out with the most popular options and lets you customize from there. "See the unit price change as you add and remove options" Our base-price for the custom lamps now includes a Gold or other one-color emblem imprint and an LED flicker light. (LED lights meet Fire Marshall requirements for many indoor venues) Best of all, our minimum order is 12 lamps. We can provide an infinite amount of other options to personalize your nursing lamps to get the look you want within a budget most can afford. With our new pricing system, you will see we are up to half the cost of "School Ring" companies or College book stores that present to you at school. Now classes small and huge can create a great lamp with the features they want for this wonderful event.

While you are saving money on our custom nursing lamps, remember SafetyStore.com is also a leading provider in traditional nursing caps, stock medical graduation pins and custom school graduation pins. We could save you an average of $40-70 per pin over the "School Ring Sales Guys" so using can literally save your class thousands over the old-fashioned method.

Our "Stress-Less" Graduation process means:

  • The Class can relax placing a single order.
  • Your graduates have a lasting high-quality keepsakes
  • No student has to "Break-the-bank" or feel left out on this most special pinning and lighting ceremony.
Highest quality with less cost:

Our Lamp of Knowledge (also known as Nightingale or Nursing Lamps) are made in the same factories with the same high standards as competitors selling the product for 2-3 times more. Your custom school emblems, (student names and more if you choose) will be imprinted and thermo-cured by experienced U.S. craftsman who makes thousands of these graduation lamps per year. Each lamp gets a second inspection by us and is carefully packed for shipment to you. At each step, we sweat the details to help ensure when you open the box, you smile to see your order is completely correct. (Please open your order as soon as you get it - never delay a smile.) It also allows your school or class to have a pinning ceremony with all the trimmings and much less focus on costs for the event.

Standard Lead time: Approximately 4-6 weeks. (Please allow more time during December, January, May and June graduation periods). If you are ordering at the last minute, click our link for blank nursing lamps. We have saved a lot of lamp ceremonies this way too.

Click here instead for Blank Nursing Lamps for your Graduation.

Lamp Options

What is Camera Ready Artwork?

  • Clean Artwork in AI (Adobe Illustrator) format
  • EPS File format
  • Vector artwork
    These file formats are usually easy to obtain from the Marketing or Graphics Departments of your school.

Formats that require up-charges to enhance the artwork to be "Camera Ready".

  • Word Document graphics
  • Picture off the school website header
  • Jpegs
  • Gifs
  • Fax Machine image
  • Hand drawn sketch
    We can send these images to our graphics artists to be cleaned up and made ready to use (and reuse - year after year)

Don't forget to talk with us about custom pins and School Embroidered Patches for your school or program at a fraction

Types of Nursing Lamp Options Available

  • School Emblem
  • Student Name
  • Date
  • Class Of Date
  • Hand-painted Gold Lamp Accents
  • Gift Box

Other Resources

Multi-Campus Schools we have a better answer
to saving money.

Stop Wasting Money by Not Getting the "National Contract Price"

Many nationally-known career collages are all buying independently for school graduations. While using different campus accounting departments, your corporate headquarters could set your school up as a "National Contract Customer" with our company. This arrangement could provide many overlooked opportunities for you in the competitive education market.

What creating a branding contract program with us means for your college

  • Your affiliated schools, multi-state campuses, and on-line programs can share a quantity discount - even on small quantities per campus. We look at the volume of the programs in total to save every program more.
  • Your custom school emblems on lamps and custom graduation pins can be stocked to reduce production times and delays for your campus programs.
  • Your corporate graphic arts standards are maintained to promote your brand identity across your system.
  • Improve ROI (or reduce costs) on graduation events by breaking the chains of the "School Ring Guys" high markups.
  • Continue your branding efforts with complimentary promotional items (mugs, plaques, and other memorabilia) to create school store programs.
  • Introduce branding your recruiting efforts with Student tools, including school logoed blood pressure cuffs, scrub tops, backpacks, and tote bags assembled as kits for entering students. Students are now walking endorsements of your programs off-campus.

What's in the Box

Typically each hand-packed and inspected lamp comes in its own box and those boxes are packed to 50 lamps per shipping case. Each lamp is a little less than 1 pound. for quantity orders, we pack the LED lights in 5 packs in the shipping case.

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