Emergency preparedness kits and systems

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness kits and systemsNo one likes to think that bad things will happen to us. We are taught this as small children. Some even think that emergency preparedness is for folks that worry too much. But each month, manmade and natural disasters happen and they affect us in big and little ways and cost far more than people realize. Be it a Government agency, local area, Business, individual person or family - emergency preparedness and contingency planning makes all the difference in reducing juries, reducing property damage and recovering faster. 

  • But we live on a planet that has weather which can go from draught like heat to sub-zero temperature and storms that can produce floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. 

  • We live on moving plates that cause, earthquakes and landslides. We live in a country with the largest volcano on the planet and rivers that cut thought the land as they change it.  

  • Man-made events like fires, power outages, toxic spills, traffic, and industrial accidents cause evacuations and shutdowns every day that affect thousands.
We grew up with the idea that the government infrastructure, insurance companies, and large volunteer charities can and would swoop in and quickly fix any damage a disaster caused. They do still assist but not to the extent people think. 

While major disasters are getting larger and more costly,  sadly "cost-cutting at all levels" and less trained volunteers, means fewer resources are available each year for emergencies when people and businesses are most in need.  We all (families, businesses and communities) must do simple things to be ready for the out of the ordinary and be prepared to immediately respond. 

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Used for large-scale, commercial and disaster events, the Millennium will assist several Medical Professionals to provide aid to a multitude of major and minor injuries without worrying about running out of supplies.
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