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    Big city or small township, multiple storefronts or multinational corporation - all need an effective Emergency Operation Center to manage emergencies and crisis situations. A place to quickly organize, communicate and manage an incident. Setting up an EOC requires a few simple things to get started. But it's important to: establish roles, identify goals even as the event keeps changing and make it easy for your leaders to work. That's why people come to SafetyStore.com. We have worked in EOCs and Command Posts. We understand the environment, the changing pace and the need for cost effective products that make a big impact when the Boss to Media comes in the door.
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We can quickly make a Custom Banner with text and simple logos at a fraction of local sign shops.  We specialize in emergency and safety related messages but are happy to make a quality banner with any message.

Most popular titles include:
  • First Aid
  • Command Post
  • EOC
  • EOC Parking
  • NO Media Beyond This Point
  • Restricted Access
  • Triage Area
  • Decontamination Area  
  • Staff Only
  • A Star of Life (logo in Blue)
  • A Maltese Cross (logo in Red)

simple custom banners

Our Famous SafetyStore Family Preparedness Kit 72 hour kit

  • Emergency Supplies for 4
  • A Comprehensive first aid kit for "Real Emergencies"
  • Food and water for a minimum of three days
  • Lighting, sanitation, warmth and so much more

Family Emergency Preparedness Kit 72 hour kit
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