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"What should I have in my First Aid Kit?" 

Be it a family, a small Cub Scout pack, a church group traveling to Nepal, weekend boat trip or setting up 100s of emergency first aid stations in disaster shelters, the people know and trust first aid advice, supplies and full blown systems they receive from 

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First Aid Kits

You see unlike so many companies that sell first aid kits based on something the marketing department made up, one of our Founders has been doing, teaching and consulting on first aid in real-world conditions and prehospital care for most of his life. 

A first aid kit is not about how pretty the Box is or how cool it looks, (you would not pick a fire extinguisher by how pretty the logo is - right?) Your selection of first aid supplies is like picking a multi-function tool kit for providing temporary minor first aid care up to saving a life in a true emergency. 

Your supplies should be based the following:
  • Upon what will be excepted to take care of? (Minor cuts and scraps, white water rafting, major accidents with critical injuries etc.)
  • What the skill level of the user is? (No training, basic first aid, retired hospital skills, specialized pre-hospital care etc.?)
  • In an emergency how long will it take for advanced help to arrive and transport? (5 minutes by ambulance or a disaster where it may take days to get to medical help?)
  • The number of injured people from a single event the emergency kit will have to support.

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Millennium Advanced First Aid Trauma Kit is our most popular large first aid trauma station kit and is specially designed by our Crisis Management Systems, Inc. experts. It has been ordered by many preparing for large or high risk events. It is appropriate for those upgrading the preparedness of schools, disaster shelters, commercial high-rise buildings and public facilities with more than 500 people. This kit has been used in many war-torn and disaster areas around the World. Locations include Iraq and the Middle East, Bosnia and throughout South America

Even major disaster response agencies are quickly adopting our kits and their new national standard for emergency response, shelters and emergency aid stations.

It is a good match for those with current or previous advanced care backgrounds (e.g. Fire, police, medics, nurses, emergency responders or advanced first aiders) that are more comfortable using pre-hospital care tools. Your more-skilled people can help direct basically trained first aiders to be a more effective medical unit using this kit as a base from which to work. The kit functions as a First Aid Station In a Bag and will handle dozens of minor injuries as well as up to 5 persons with major injuries. Laypeople and skilled professional alike have appreciated the generous selection. This kit features professional quality tools and supplies for major or multiple trauma injuries when help may be delayed and includes all the standard "band-aid and blister" items.

Also check out our oxygen administration kit and AED selection for the most complete response until the ambulance arrives.

Please note that this item is assembled once ordered for freshest stock.  Please allow up to 5 business days before shipment.  For questions, please contact us.

Millennium Advanced First Aid Trauma Kit
25 Person 1 Shelf with Handle and Mounting Hardware 10.5 inx7.5 in x 2.5 in - 1 each

25 Person 1 Shelf with Handle and Mounting Hardware 10.5 inx7.5 in x 2.5 in - 1 each
Day Pak Soft First Aid Kit

Day Sailing Marine First Aid kit
Coastal Cruising Pak Soft First Aid Kit

Coastal Cruising First Aid Kit in soft pack
 More than a basic first aid guide, the Comprehensive Guide to Marine Medicine is the gold standard for advanced patient care when medical help is hours or days away. Written by Michael Jacobs, M.D. and Eric A. Weiss, M.D, this book contains the most up-to-date information on wilderness first aid, marine first aid and remote travel medicine, including an extensive section specific to injuries at sea, including lifeboat survival tips and how to treat bites and stings from common ocean predators.

From Steve Hull co-creator of
"People who know me understand that I am a "nut" for sailing and all other types of boating. But few boat owners designate time throughout the year to review basic safety procedures, emergency gear and basic first aid should something happen.  Unfortunately, people will spend more time planning the food and drink for a weekend boating trip than safety and first aid over a over 5 years of boat ownership.  Then when anything bad happens, they scream for the Coast Guard to solve all problems. Having spent half my life on the water and even teaching sailing and boat rescue, I know how important it is for you to learn the information in this book.
Includes the most up-to-date information on marine first aid and travel medicine; improvised techniques, 'When to Worry Tips", and includes over 100 illustrations! This book is small enough to fit in a pocket, marine first aid kit or waterproof "ditch kit".  It should be read by all adults going on a more than a weekend cruise or offshore trip. 

UPC: 707708000560
Have someone that you can't find the right gift for? 
Pick a gift certificate so they can pick the perfect gift. 
Whether you know someone needing EMT pants,
but don't know the size, or needing first aid supplies
- this will fit everyone, every time!
Purchase in $25.00 denominations.  easy to use online.

The best part is our gift certificates work on all our websites including:

 medical lapel pins Look for more of our sites at 

This is our $100 gift certificate. A great gift for graduation or to start someone off on the right foot with safety products for home, work or play.
Our classic Economy EMT Bag is perfect for holding a little of everything.  The bag is 15x7x9 inches, available in either Orange or Royal Blue and has 2 front pockets, large center section, and 2 zippered side pockets.  The kit features has a reflective star of life symbol on the front and quick release buckle closures for the front.  It's easy to keep your tools and supplies in place with a zippered top flap and loop closures.  The bag also has an adjustable shoulder strap and webbing strap for easy carrying.  (Note:  Bag is sold empty - no first aid items included)

Need supplies?  Don't forget to check out our refill section and medical tools area to build your kit or fill it back up your emergency first aid supplies after use.

Medical Rescue Response Bag
Our empty EMS trauma backpack has many high quality features at an economy price. Excellent for building a custom first aid kit or trauma kit. Useful for First Responders Wilderness emergency medicine, EMTs, Paramedics and Nurses that need a good bag or backpack for their gear.

  • PVC lined to increase water resistance
  • Large main zippered compartment measures 12''x18.5''x7.5''
  • Many interior pockets/pouches for storage
  • Interior mesh pockets
  • Interior elastic loops for airways, pens/tools, etc
  • Padded back and padded organizer bottom unit
  • Padded 3'' wide adjustable shoulder straps with phone pouch with hook and loop closure
  • Top carry handle
  • Two front straps with quick release buckles
  • ID holder on one side
  • Reflective striping on front
  • Mesh pocket on front and both sides for extra water, IVs, radios etc.

Need supplies?  Don't forget to check out our refill section and medical tools area to build your kit or fill it back up your emergency first aid supplies after use.

A full featured medical backpack at an economy price.
The basic off-duty EMT kit for a First Responder, Firefighter, EMT, paramedic or nurse.
$179.95 $149.95
We designed our Sports First Aid kits when we started seeing our competitors' kits and the extreme lack of good quality and wide variety of items in them.  We listened to our customers and the problems they had and designed this specific kit for you. 

It is wishful thinking that every team and every game will only require a few bandaids or an ice pack or two. Because of that, we have included an exceptional variety of items including high quality, stainless tools, major wound supplies, CPR and personal protection items and much more. 

Compare this kit and the value to anything else out there.  We always come up on top and you will, too, when this becomes your team kit.  Choose from a variety of bag colors or add a group name or logo to keep your kit from "walking."

Team Supreme Sports First Aid Kit
Our Newest Kit in our Sports First Aid Kit line!
Introducing the Team MedicPRO:
This kit is designed for frequent-use, multiple-team recreation areas. Features include: moldable splints for leg/arm and finger, gloves, CPR gear, plenty of chemical ice packs, stainless tools and appropriate minor and major wound items. Don't buy a kit based upon the number of a kit that will actually fill the need!

For use by trained professionals (EMT, Sports Trainers and above). This is for you, Dave!

Team MedicPRO Sports First Aid Kit

If your group has bags that need to be filled or you only need a few supplies to divide among several teams, this is a great kit! If you just want something easy to toss in your gear bag, this is your kit!

Cover all the bases from minor abrasions, insect stings and cuts to CPR, heavy bleeds and more. This kit is MORE than a few bandaids (which most competitors offer), this kit offers you something for every need. You can buy lots and lots of cheap kits and still not get the items you want and need for your team.

Check out our quantity discounts, as well.

Team Value First Aid Kit
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