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    We build Stop the Bleed style Trauma kits for facilities in Texas and across the country and for major disasters. With texas HB 496 the first state to require several bleeding products in kit form, we can help you select the more appropriate products for your needs and budget. From Stop the Bleed cabinets in key places throughout your building, to backpack or mobile pack and kits in fak we have the right products and will adapt these our systems to your needs. stop the bleed texas law HB 496 stop the bleed bleed control kit tea HB 496 free stop the bleed kits for schools texas education agency stop the bleed HB 496 texas 2019 stop the bleed texas education agency HB 496 tea stop the bleed stations tourniquet kits for schools strac stop the bleed tsno stop the bleed tea stop the bleed in texas schools stop the bleed training in schools texas stop the bleed coalition stop the bleed training Dallas bleeding control kits for schools stop the bleed grant funding tea bleeding control course hb 684 bleeding control cabinet texas education agency stop the bleed course near me tsa to stop bleeding stop the bleed instructor course bleeding control for the injured stop the bleed university hospital how to become a stop the bleed instructor

Since 1991 our company has been answering the question, ...

"What should I have in my First Aid Kit?"

Be it a family, a small Cub Scout pack, a church group traveling to Nepal, weekend boat trip or setting up 100s of emergency first aid stations in disaster shelters, the people know and trust the first aid advice, supplies and full blown systems they receive from

You see, unlike so many companies that sell first aid kits based on something the "Marketing Department" made up at a good profit margin, one of our Founders has been doing, teaching and consulting on first aid in real-world conditions and prehospital care for most of his life. He is one of the few people that has worked on and supervised first aid stations for disasters, and even an outdoor event with 1 million people with hundreds of injured. Our kits are designed by real-world events and the skill levels of the people using them - not marketing departments.

A first aid kit is not about how pretty the Box is or how cool it looks, (you would not pick a fire extinguisher by how pretty the logo is - right?) Your selection of first aid supplies is like picking a multi-function tool kit for providing temporary minor first aid care up to saving a life in a true emergency.

Your supplies should be based the following:
  • Upon what will be excepted to take care of? (Minor cuts and scraps? white water rafting?, major accidents with critical injuries etc.)
  • What the skill level of the user is? (No training? basic first aid? a Medic? retired hospital skills? specialized pre-hospital care etc.?)
  • In an emergency, how long will it take for advanced help to arrive and transport? (5 minutes by ambulance or a disaster where it may take days to get to medical help?)
  • The number of injured people from a single event the emergency kit will have to support.

You can quickly see that, you many need a range or first aid kits to meet your lifestyle. Home, car, office, school, Church, RV, boat, luggage, family emergency supplies etc. all should be configured differently because they may meet different injuries in an emergency.

Please give us a call if you have questions we are happy to help. Check out our selection above and or contact us with any questions
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