Immediate Responder Trauma and First Aid Kit Refill Option
Immediate Responder Trauma kit in closed position

Immediate Responder Trauma and First Aid Kit Refill Option


Immediate Responder REFILL PACK Only

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1 or 5 refill options
Bleeding Control Stop the Bleed upgrade Mod
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  • 10 - 24
  • $214.95
  • 25 - 49
  • $204.95
  • 50 - 99
  • $194.95
  • 100 - 149
  • $184.95
  • 150+
  • $150.95

The Immediate Responder Trauma First Aid Backpack is a complete system.  We have developed two refill programs to help you keep your emergency first aid kit restock expired items.

  • the 1-year refill
  • the 5-year refill (because sterile packaging is only guaranteed for 5 years by the factory)
Additionally, we offer an upgrade Bleeding Control Module that matches the "Stop the Bleed" Program

We are supplying just the refill items at this price. Several items from the original kit will be reused.

Weight: Approximately 8 lbs.

NOTE: Due to the complexity of the kit, please allow a minimum of 5 business days fabrication before shipment. Please contact us with any deadlines or upcoming events. We will do our best to meet an emergency request.

The Immediate Responder Trauma First Aid Backpack is a complete system.

The kit was originally designed for company safety personnel, first aid departments, executive disaster preparedness and Emergency Response Teams that would need to go to injured persons and provide care on the scene. The backpack is organized into 8 sections (6 color-coded compartments attached by hook and loop Velcro) and packed based on the type of injury. Easy to carry with the side handles or use the backpack straps. Its' shape makes it easy to store or travel by aircraft or autos. Open it up like a book to quickly access all your supplies. A great selection of products for any competent first responder, EMT, Nurse or above. Now you can have an organized response to a medical emergency with professional quality tools and supplies until the "cavalry" arrives.

Also check out our oxygen administration kit and AED selection for the most a complete response until the ambulance arrives.

Complete Backpack-able first aid kit for general and trauma first aid needs. Proves a wide selection of first aid and pre-hospital supplies for the first responder in a business, outdoor event, or responding to accidents. 

About 300 major components each well thought out to provide care for bleeding, burns, CPR, splinting, eye care and much more. Includes basic professional diagnostic tools to assess an injured person until more advanced care and transport.

An excellent kit for:

  • An advanced first aider through EMT or Nurse.
  • School Nurse
  • Company response team.
  • A Fire or EMS person dispatched from a personal vehicle to patients.
  • Mobile, first aid response at outdoor events, County Fairs.
  • Disaster teams (CERT, SAR Team, MRC or Fire Corps)
  • Disaster Prepper with less than EMT level training
  • Summer Camp
  • Any company team of over 20 people working remotely from normal business or rural locations.
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