Lighted Graduation Lamp LED Battery Custom Decal
Lighted Nursing lamp with applied decal

Lighted Graduation Lamp LED Battery Custom Decal


Nursing Lamp Size: 6 inches long x 3.5 inches high

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Wax Candle or Battery-Powered LED Lighted
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Nurses Graduation Lamp of Knowledge with a custom emblem made for your school.  Lamp includes a standard size, bone-colored ceramic lamp with an LED flickering battery-powered light. The dimensions are 3 1/2" high x 6" long (which is the most common size for graduations).  These lamps are carried by graduates in beautiful pinning and candle lighting ceremonies unique to nurses.

Makes a great gift from the family for the graduate.

For these customized lamps, we make either a full-color decal and place it on each lamp to add that personalized touch without the extended wait and cost of a fire-glazed or hand-painted process.  There is a minimum order to have the decals made, but the benefit is that you may keep the stock for your following graduations. It also means that we will be able to ship your next order even faster.

Because it is a battery-powered candle, this is an acceptable "light" allowed by Fire Marshalls in public halls and auditoriums.   Also, unlike most companies that sell this type of unit, EACH candle is hand-checked and packed to ensure this will work when your graduation day arrives. 

We stock plenty of these lamps and sell them through the year by the hundreds. With the decal, please allow 4 weeks (not counting shipping time) before your graduation to avoid any shortage or last minute expensive air shipments.

If your class is interested in this lamp with a stamped school emblem and/or gold bands on the lamp, please see our related lamps. (Please note that custom emblems or gold banding required a minimum of 12 lamps per order and a lead time of 6-8 weeks).

Makes a great gift from the family for the graduate.
These lamps are also known by several names including:
  • Nurses Lamps
  • Graduation Lamp
  • Nursing Lamps
  • Lamp of Knowledge
  • Nightingale Lamps
Whatever your school calls them, our graduation lamps will make a wonderful addition to your pinning ceremony or reception for the graduates. It is a great keepsake for any nurse.

A Little Factoid:

The symbol of the Lamp of Knowledge is part of where we get the phrase "burning the midnight oil" in reference to studying late. Something these nursing and medical graduates know well.
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