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Need to flush an eye immediately?  Use the Plastic eye cups filled with fresh saline to flush out any impurities or relieve your eye issue. 

Set of 6 in a plastic container.

Plastic Eye Cups - Set of 6
We offer a basic IV Pole made of Chrome-plated steel, 2 IV bag hooks which rolls easily on ball bearing casters - set of 4.  Diameter at base is 23 inches.  Weight capacity is 22 lbs. 

Pole adjusts from 47 inches to 84 inches.  Locking collar allows pole to be set at desired height.  Perfect for School nurse office, emergency shelters, home or medical offices.

IV Stand with 2 hooks and 4 caster stand
Economy Soft Stretcher
Sixty second readings. Special power down feature shuts the thermometer off after a pre-determined time to conserve battery power. Includes 5 probe covers and instructions.

For group use, purchase Probe covers (box of 100).

Basic Digital Thermometer by Moore Medical

Single-use clinical thermometers read in Fahrenheit only (96-104.8 degrees). Easy to read contrasting color pattern and embossed dots enhance visibility. Latex-free. Individually sealed with normal storage conditions. Will not "fire" prematurely. Meets ASTM accuracy requirements.

Box of 100, individually wrapped. By Medical Indicators.

Nextemp Single-Use Thermometer

Splash Goggles Fog resistant and meets ANSI Z87.1 standards, this an affordable goggle to protect the eyes from any splashing of liquids. Great for outdoor, home repair, working around chemicals at home or school.

These goggles provide a wide, unobstructed field of vision and can be worn with most half-mask respirators. The transparent protective PVC body permits a comfortable fit over prescription eyewear while protecting against impact and splashes.

Splash Goggles - Anti-Fog - Indirect Vented
Digital Thermometer Sheaths - 100/box

Digital Thermometer Sheaths - 100/box
E-A-R Classic Plus Plugs - Box of 200. E-A-R plugs are the most popular in the world. Moisture-resistant and safe foam is not irritating. Slow recovery foam provides comfort with low pressure.NRR 33dB, highest NRR available. Comes in easy-to-distribute pillow packs (2/pack).

E-A-R Classic Plus Plugs - Box of 200

You can never have too many ice packs!  We sell our larger groupings to coaches, gyms, sports groups, businessness and all kinds of teams where bruising is possible.

Purchased in a case of 50 unitized ice packs, these are easy to sort out, store and use!  Also check out our larger quantities of large ice packs or just single packs.

Instant Cold Compress - 50 pack
Bags meet OSHA standards, including the 165g Drop Dart Test and Elmendorf Tear Test. 10-gallon (23" x 23") bags. Bags are not self-sealing and should be closed using twist-ties. (not included). 100 per package.

Biohazard Infectious Waste Bags - roll of 100

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