Quite honestly we are still learning about the industry standards and GDPR effects our business. We do really care about our customers, and don't feel our business model is mining personal data - it is providing quality safety and emergency preparedness/response supplies at a fair price.  We can tell you what our policy has been regarding customer data and preferences and that we will comply with all requests for privacy in regards to your data. provided they do not break to law or obstruct justice.

  • We use cookies only to keep track of your shopping cart and order as you move around our website. I some cases when you return to our site it may remember you or when you log back in as a customer, then you may see your name or order history. Without these tracking cookies, the site would not know who's products belong in each basket and website checkout would not function. If technology changes to something even more private han cookies, we will update our websites accordingly.  We are currently not tracking your internet movements once you leave our websites and are not planning to do this in the future. (... as the big guys do called "remarketing")

  • All web-based on-line credit card charges are processed directly with our credit card processor. The details are not stored within our company. We do not see your card number etc. Each time you place and on-line order with us you will need to reenter your credit/debit card information. 

  • We do not sell or trade your customer information - period. 

  • All EU Customers have the right to ask us for a copy of all data we collected for your order(s) free of charge. Please understand that this is not an instant automated process so please give us some time once notified for us to check all our systems. This will also apply to UK customers as they work out Brexit as it is anyone's guess when or if England will leave the EU.

  • FIRST AID RESTOCKING PROGRAM: If you are buying items from us that expire (for instance first aid kits and supplies) we will be installing a program that will send you a reminder to replace certain items. This is not a high pressure situation and it was created because our customers requested it because it is so east to forget to restock expired emergency or office safety supplies. Our goal is to send out a couple of reminders each year. (not some daily assault of marketing spam that no body wants) We will try to include an incentive or discount to help you keep your safety and emergency supplies health and ready for use should you need them. 

  • Our backshop does count how many times a product has been viewed and/or purchased to help us guess what we need to have in stock, BUT we are not doing advanced tracking to guess what YOU might like next. This policy is contrary to over 90% of large dot coms that are invasively researching and tracking large amounts of your personal data to predict and guide your purchases.  

  • If at anytime you as a customer would like us to remove all your information with our company online, we will be happy to do that for any records on-line. (I  believe we must keep invoices and/or credit records for audit reasons) 

  • We will also cooperate with any US law enforcement group executing a lawful order or request. 

  • As laws or guidance change on protecting people's privacy we will do our best to improve our protections for our customers around the World.