New GDPR Guidelines for European Customers

Quite honestly as of May, 2018 we are still learning about the new standards for GDPR. We can tell you what our policy has been regarding customer data and preferences.

  • We use cookies only to keep track of your order has you move around out website. I some cases when you return to our site it may remember you or when you log back in as a customer, then you may see your name or order history.

  • All web-based on-line credit card charges are processed directly with our credit card processor. The details are not stored within our company. 

  • We do not sell or trade your customer information - period.

  • Our backshop does count how many times a product has been viewed and or purchased but we not doing advanced tracking to guess what you might like next.

  • If at anytime you as a customer would like us to remove all your information with our company online, we will be happy to do that for any records in line. (I you believe we must keep invoices and/or credit records for audit reasons) 

  • We will also cooprerate with any US Law enforcement group. executing a lawful order or request. 

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