Entering the field of Nursing, Medicine or Emergency Medical Services is exciting and nerve racking. Finding your school, getting your class books, tools and apparel makes your first weeks even more crazy.  Chances are you will be studying harder than you ever have before. Whats more the handson skills are something you have to practice day and night until you can do them in your eyes closed - Really. So you need to have tools and supplies to practice with outside of school to perfect your training.

That's where we come in.  In most Nursing, Allied Health and EMS classes your teacher will want you to have good quality basic tools so you can do, hear and see what you need to help patients and injured people.

The good news is 
  • Most classes don't require $100+ stethoscopes (they will not help you learn) or other fancy doctor tools.
  • We make it easy to comfortably carry your gear and look good doing it.
  • Avoid running all over town looking for medical tools, EMS uniforms and medical scrubs

We have created Student kits that help you succeed