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Over-the-Counter Refill Module
Over-the-Counter refill Module

Over-the-Counter Refill Module


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Make refills a breeze! Our refill pack contains an ample supply of pain meds, nausea, antacid, cold and aspirin supplies. This size fits into 2-3 shelf cabinets; larger fits in to 4-5 shelf units.

Smaller unit contains:

Aspirin tablets - 100/box

Acetaminophen tablets - 100/box

Ibuprofen tablets - 100/box

Antacids - 100/box

Diotame - 24/box

Diamode - 50/box

Larger refill contains:

Ibuprofen Tablets - 250/box

Aspirin Tablets - 250/box

Acetaminophen Tablets - 250/box
Alcalak Antacides - 200/box
Diotame - 100/box
Diamode - 50/box
Medicidin-D - 100/box
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