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Pediatric Trauma Response Kit By All Things First Aid
Pediatric Trauma Response Kit with Specialty tools

Pediatric Trauma Response Kit By All Things First Aid


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This bag is smaller than standard trauma cases and carries items specific to smaller patients. Quick access to exact equipment means quicker response to pediatric emergencies. Less searching the Rig for peds gear. Additional room for Broselow tape and other supplies. Also helps to calm Family and By-Standers that you are "kid friendly".

Pediatric Adjustable neck collarKit Includes: 
1 Sphygmomanometer - Pediatric, 
1 Sphygmomanometer - Infant, 
1 Pediatric Stethoscope
1 Infant Stethoscope
1 Paramedic Scissors
1 Pulse Oximeter
1 Digital thermometer
1 Hypothermic thermometer
1 pack Thermometer Probes
1 Otoscope
1 each LED Penlight
1 4 1/2" Lister Scissors
1 Pediatric adjustable neck collar
1 baby No Neck Collar
12 Gloves, 
2 Boxes of assorted kids bandaids
2 Sam Style Finger splints
1 SAM Style moldable splint (Use it to mold and cut to size the splinting that you need.
1 Bio-Waste Bag, 
4  Instant ice packs
1 Baby Bunting
1 Berman Airway set
2 Fine Sharpie Markers: For glove design and medical uses. 
2 colored cohesive wraps less painful
24 BZK Wipes (no Alcohol)    

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