personal Emergency Preparedness kitsWe all think we have our act together to take care of ourselves daily. But what if you are away from your home and a disaster or emergency strikes? How comfortable would you be without resources for the next 1-3 days until you got back home?

Our Founders have been addressing that question since 1991. We developed and continually revise our personal emergency preparedness kits to make sure you have basic items that will make you more comfortable in the following:
  • Being strained away from home
  • Disaster at home with no food or safe water
  • A workplace or school lock-down
  • Evacuating during a disaster (Some disaster shelters take days to get food etc.)
Our Personal preparedness kits are a great place to start preparing for the unexpected.

Personal Preparedness Kits

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This small fanny pack adds peace of mind for employees evacuating from highriseand other buildings.

Products include:
  • Disposable penlight
  • 2 Emergency Food bars (400 calorie with long shelf life)
  • 12 hour chemical light
  • Disposable dust mask
  • 2 Water pouches
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Tissue Packette
  • Foil blanket.
  • Plastic Whistle
This kit is available for customizing and adding acorporate name or logo. Please call for information.

Basic Employee Evacuation Pack

Our deluxe emergency preparedness kit wasn't designed by a marketing person!  In fact, it was one of the first products our experts designed when we started the website back in 1995.  While imitated by competitors, has made constant improvements for two decades to our trademarked emergency kit.  Keep reading to learn more.

"Everyday in our Country over 500 people are forced to evacuate due to an emergency or disaster. Do you have what you need - right now?"

Lots of people say, "One of these days I will get that stuff" but buying these items individually is more time consuming than people realize. Do you get this at a camping store? and who can answer your questions about disasters.

At we have made this simple and affordable.

SafetyStore Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit
1 Person Emergency Fanny Pack A roomy fanny pack, that's great to keep in the office, or car. The kit provides food, water, light, heat, first aid supplies and more. Practical items that you would need if you were stuck and could not get home. Unlike some emergency preparedness kits it has room for you add additional supplies (medications, spare glasses, flashlight emergency information etc.

Content include:
  • Adjustable water resistant fanny pack 10" x 6" x 6" +/-
  • Emergency water (6 foil pouches)
  • 3,600 ca Emergency Food Bar
  • Foil blanket: can reflect up to 90% body heat
  • Rain Poncho
  • 2 Chemical LightSticks
  • Mini First Aid Supplies Pouch with gloves
  • Antimicrobial hand wipes or gel.
  • Emergency Dust Masks
  • Plastic Whistle
  • Small Notepad and Pencil
Contact us if you would like these kits imprinted or embroidered with your company name.

1 Person Emergency Fanny Pack
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