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 Do you believe there will be a major natural disaster in America within the next ten years? If so, what could we do as a preventative measure?

Yes, there will be several major natural disasters in the next 10 years just as there have been for the last billion years. 

In the most generic terms, emergency preparedness training, supplies, and mitigation of hazards are the easiest ways to handle disasters that are sure to come. I made a simple list of things that people can do personally and in the larger community that would make a huge difference in our response. 
  •  Each person and family should store food, water, and first aid supplies for an emergency lasting 5–10 days without support. Some supplies should be in your home, car, and workplace.
  • All people age 13-18 should take a first aid and CPR class by age 18 and take a refresher class every 5 years. Adults should also take at least one Free emergency preparedness class to understand what emergencies will look like and what to do when one happens. 

  •  One in 10 should take a free Community Emergency Response Team class. 

  • One in 100 people should take an EMT class and/or a Firefighter class. Even if you don’t continue in this profession, the skills you learn will probably save a life at some point.
  • You should walk through your home or apartment and look to reduce things that could start a fire, or fall over on someone. Doing preventative maintenance reduces the chance of injury. 

  •  As a country, we should stop building on properties that flood or have repeated disasters. 

  • It is said that Florida may lose up to 50% of its' landmass by the year 2100. If we want to save large parts of Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco, Tampa, Houston, Virginia Beach, Lower Manhattan and many more, then we will need to complete the planning now and begin building to handle the flooding and natural higher ocean levels that are happening. Sea rise will damage our coastal cities. We need to begin drastically building, repairing or evacuating these areas to avoid wasting $billions in damage over and over. Many of the things Holland has done are a good model for flood control for the US. As a result, they will have far less to do to prepare than the US. The US will be starting from scratch. Holland also spends far less on damage from flooding because they have largely solved this problem 40 years ago.

  •  Each City and County will need to add money in the budget for Disaster Preparedness each year. The days of thinking that hundreds of highly trained volunteers are going to arrive in your community with all the supplies and provide emergency services are over. Non-profit agencies simply do not have the volunteers to do this. Each city and County need to use that money for shelter and emergency supplies now so when a disaster strikes, they do not have to wait days for very expensive outside assistance. If each City/County had on-hand supplies to shelter 1,000 people as a minimum. the cost of each disaster would be lower.
  •  Each City and County should have (or build) buildings that can be used when needed for disaster shelters that are reinforced for Tornados and on high-ground to protect from Flooding at minimum. Each shelter also needs back up power with one week of fuel (and of maybe with protected solar and or wind systems), water, and cooking facilities.

  • Puerto Rico has shown us that each Hospital, Clinic, Police and Fire Station needs emergency battery power systems with backup generators.  Each ambulance, fire truck, and police car should be able to contact a local station without a cell phone. These facilities also need the ability to put up emergency antennas after storms if primary communications, radio, or internet go down. In the 2020s a person can place a battery-powered satellite phone call anywhere on the earth. There should be no city agency that cannot communicate with the outside world after a disaster.

  • Just as we have a Census once every 10 years, we should have a detailed Satellite mapping done of the whole of the United States EVERY YEAR. That way, within days of each major disaster, we should have a satellite re-map the area so we can quickly access damage even if we can not give First Responders and FEMA into the area that fast. The re-mapping costs very little but can compress months of government effort into a few days. Gets resources into the right places, reduces guesswork and more. (For instance, in Puerto Rico, government agencies needed to find homes on satellite maps. Some of the Google maps were 13 years old. If the government had ordered new pictures immediately after the hurricane, for an overlay - one could see before and after damage weeks or months before field, inspectors made it to each persons' homes.  Also deploying Google mapping type cars that could drive down streets in a disaster would give people in local, state and federal agencies an on-the-ground perspective of the (front) damage ar each home. grants and loans could move faster to families in need.)  
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