Car Survival Kit


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Auto Car Survival Kit:
Sometimes its your car running out is gas, or an accident or natural disaster prevents your return home. Everyone knows that they need emergency supplies in the car if they got stranded overnight, but how easy is it to find these things?  Our disaster experts have created a great little car emergency survival kit to help you and your passenger weather a bad night or two until helps arrives.  

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Our Car Survival Kit includes:
  • Foil blankets to reflect heat and help keep you warm
  • Heat Packs to make you more comfortable and create heat in cold temperatures.
  • Rain Ponchos to help keep you drier in the rain.
  • Emergency Water pouches with up to a 5 year shelf life. Helps keep you hydrated.
  • Emergency food bar. Food looks and tastes like a cookie but is designed not to make you thirsty conserving water.
  • Bright yellow Emergency Sign to cling to your window to attract HELP/ CALL POLICE.
  • Chemical Lights to light up the car without using your batteries.
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