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CPR Save Pin with Anatomical Heart
CPR Save Pin with Anatomical Heart

CPR Save Pin with Anatomical Heart


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Our newest exclusive pin!
Some medical incidents are relatively easy, with a simple extrication, some minor first aid and you're done - right? But CPR is different. Putting several skills together train your body and hands to perform under high stress. Once performing CPR on an actual patient, you are expending the same effort as running several miles. Sometimes it takes people working together. If you, the patient and the equipment all line up at the proper time - you save a life. 

For professional rescuers or citizen bystanders alike, it's a wonderful feeling. It is something to be remembered and honored. 

We have created a CPR Save pin with a lot of thought behind it. Not some cartoon heart, a real depiction of the cardiac organ. A gold wreath to show it is was a special moment.  Our pin features a 1-inch pin with an anatomical heart and the words "CPR SAVE". The backing has a single butterfly clasp on the back for easy addition to your uniform. Gold border, oval shape made with long-lasting cloisonne! Buy more and save! See our quantity pricing on this page for great values.
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