Disaster Field First Aid Station
Disaster Field First Aid Station ships in a palletize crate for long-term first aid station

Disaster Field First Aid Station


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Our field first aid station system is designed for use in major disasters, where EMS and/or Hospital care are damaged, limited or over stretched. 

The community-sized first aid station is used in the first hours of a disaster and must be "at hand" and set up as the disaster is unfolding - not days away.  In large and enduring disasters it is impractical to have ambulances tied down to be first aid stations. Ambulances are also not stocked to provide minor care to dozens or hundreds of people per day.  As we have seen in Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, Puerto Rico and other long-term or overseas disasters, creating well-stocked temporary medical aide stations or field first aid stations are critical for health care and community well-being. 

  • They must be stocked with ampul basic supplies to see 100 to 500 people per day.
  • A selection of diagnostic tools to help staff  between (Between advanced first trained and nurses or doctors) staff define which people need higher care and/or transport.
  • The ability to work for a few days up to a week without resupply.

This pallet-sized module is the core of the long-term first aid station. Features abundant first aid/ pre-hospital supplies, organization tools and diagnostic hand tools for up to a week under heavy and constant use by hundreds with a variety of injuries. 

Read further to see how this system can be combined with other our other modules Cots, litters, shelter/tents to support your agency, health department, overseas relief operation, or municipal response.

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