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Shelter Cot Deployment Module - 20 Person
Disaster cot system

Shelter Cot Deployment Module - 20 Person


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Most of us know a shelter needs to be setup and functional within 4 hours of a public announcement.  This module is the easy solution to rapid shelter set up and take down. Our 20-person disaster shelter cots with heavy duty rolling cart module, make transporting and setup something a small scout troop can do in minutes - not a weight lifting exercise taking hours.

Now store the shelter cot modules at the designated shelter in a community center or school storage area (to eliminate shipping from distant warehouses).    Unlike some carts that are too big to be used empty, these carts feature three shelves and can be used in the shelter for added storage by shelter occupants and staff for supplies. 

When your plan does call for transporting cots to the shelter, easily load the carts in a lift or box truck and lash down to side walls. Off load 20 cots at a time and have one person roll the cart right to where you need them.
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