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Disaster Shelter First Aid Station 1
Disaster Shelter First Aid Station

Disaster Shelter First Aid Station 1


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Because You Only Have a Few Hours to Get Shelters Open

When creating a disaster relief shelter our Shelter First Aid Station has quickly become the national standard for disaster preparedness and shelter management for groups up to 500 people.

This kit (and a competent nurse or first aid staff) is what is used to provide emergency first aid and minor medical relief to victims in disaster relief shelters. This kit is suggested for relief workers with current or previous EMS, RN or public health backgrounds. 

Emergency shelter occupants tend to not tell you they are ill or injured when they come in. They usually wait until they get settled in and are more comfortable. So you would be surprised later in the evening how busy the Nurses Office can become Our shelter aid station is supplied to not only handle dozens of minor injuries and discomfort ailments but also to respond to more serious or life-threatening injuries until advanced care can arrive for transport. This free up stationing an ambulance and crew for the field.

This disaster medical shelter kit was specially designed by our disaster expert who has actually run several disaster shelters (One shelter with up to 2,000 people). It is appropriate for those upgrading the preparedness of schools, disaster shelters, community centers, commercial high-rise buildings and public facilities. One major disaster response agency has adopted our kit design as their new national standard for, shelters and Emergency Medical Stations.

Every community should at minimum, have a disaster shelter nursing kit of this quality for each potential shelter either pre-positioned or in their response trailers ready for use.

Won't Some Agency be Sending Shelter Supplies When We Need It?

The days of waiting for shelter supplies to arrive from out of state are over. When a disaster shelter is activated, it needs to be supplied and set up within 2-3 hours. Each community should have at least some supplies and organization to immediately open such shelters until they can be taken over by disaster relief agencies (Red Cross, Salvation Army etc.) Unfortunately, most Red Cross Chapters don't have the supplies on hand or staff to set up a shelter of more than 100 people, much less opening multiple shelters across a county without additional supplies (sometimes trucked days away from the disaster)

Our Shelter First Aid Station I functions as a one-kit solution when setting up the shelter and will handle dozens of minor injuries and ailments as well as up to 5 persons with major injuries. Laypeople and skilled professionals alike have appreciated the generous selection. (Our Disaster Shelter 2 kit is expanded to include additional professional quality diagnostic tools including a multi-cuff blood pressure set, glucometer, pulse oximeter and additional diagnostics tools to help identify more shelter residents.) The Disaster Shelter I kit can be set up in a small area (10 x 15 room space, or partitioned private area) as the nurse station and even includes signage.  Also designed to be used for injuries when help may be delayed and with all age groups.

Everyday a community in the US, is forced to evacuate and set up a disaster shelter for a minimum of 500 people. Does your municipality have the supplies they need and set up a shelter within 3 hours? How about two shelters?

Please note that the minimum time for production on disaster level shelter kits is 2 weeks - excluding major holidays. Then shipping to your location.  So you must order BEFORE a disaster occurs, not on the day of the event.

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