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Emergency Treatment Cot set with Cart System
Emergency Treatment Cot set with Cart System shown in gym

Emergency Treatment Cot set with Cart System


Takes 4 weeks to assemble before shipment - Order Today
Setting up and taking down a first aid station needs to be fast and efficient. When you have patients or invalids that need a temporary adjustable bed (but don't need an IV pole) our Emergency Treatment Cot system lets you set up a station or shelter beds quickly. 

As hundreds of thousands of invalid and semi-invalid patients live at home, these evacuees can arrive at your disaster shelter. When running a shelter, the lack of a suitable medical cot can require an unnecessary transport of occupant. Easy for two people to set up in minutes. That's why we made all the hauling and organization much easier with our integrated Special Needs Cots (also called a Functional Needs Cot) and rolling truck system.

Emergency Treatment Cot was developed as a first response unit for medical and disaster relief management. The cot features a strong aluminum steel frame for support and includes two buckled straps to ensure safety and security for the patient. The innovative design allows both the head and the foot of the cot to be elevated, providing added versatility in the medical treatment of each individual. Extremely sturdy and versatile, this cot has been an asset in on-site treatment and care of emergency medical and disaster victims worldwide. Pillow and blanket set not included.


  • 6 each Triage cots with adjustable head and footrest with two adjustable patient straps ( Note: no guard rails or IV poles)
  • Fully washable fabrics (ensuring that the unit can be sanitized after each use)
  • Heavy-duty tensioning straps (provides stability in various positions of the cot)
  • Patient restraining straps (provide excellent safety in the event of moving or transporting the patient or where the patient requires restraining)
  • 1200 lb. cap. rolling truck with heavy-duty water-resistant cover and velcro closure. The cart can Nest to reduce space when empty. We will add your agency name and  cart number at no additional charge.   

Product Specifications:

  • Setup: 85 L x 32 W x 17 H
  • Bed: 85 L x 32 W
  • Weight: 27 lbs each 
  • Capacity: 450 lbs
  • Folded: 34 L x 33 W x 8 H
  • Shipping: 35 L x 33 W x 8 H
  • Set up a Emergency Treatment Cot in just a few minutes each.

  • Fully Loaded Cart
  • Shipping weight #330 lbs. for the system.
  • The rolling truck/cart measures 67"tall x 43" long x 32" wide. (important because it will fit through most standard doors and closets)

Our custom rolling Truck (Cart) system is designed for decades of use. Easy to store your cots and other supplies. Includes a custom rain-resistant poly-canvass cover (not a cheap plastic tarp) to protect your cots or gear, provide added privacy as a barrier, and when needed, can nest to reduce floor space when empty. Instructions for assembly and repacking are mounted in the interior and not thrown away after the first use.

The system ships by truck on a pallet (estimate 380lbs per pallet.) but is ready to deploy as soon as it is off-loaded. We can ship up to 22 pallets per 40 foot tractor/trailer.
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