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Foil Pouch - Emergency Water Pouches - each
Foil Pouch - Emergency Water Pouches - each

Foil Pouch - Emergency Water Pouches - each


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S.O.S. EMERGENCY PURIFIED DRINKING WATER General Description: 4.2 oz. (125 ml) flexible tri-laminated foil pouches, heat-sealed, and HDPE 500 ml bottles.

Purified by reverse osmosis to meet or exceed U.S. Pharmacopeia standards.

Shelf life:

Up to 5-year shelf life, maybe safely stored in all climatic conditions. The shelf life is from the manufacture date at the factory and does not include time sitting in storage at our facilities. In general, no order of food or water will arrive to the customer with the full 5 years.

Specifications and Regulations:

  • International Convention for the SAFETY OF LIFE AT SEA
  • IMO (International Maritime Organization) London 1986/1992 recommendation
  • SOLAS Amendments Chapter III Section IV Part C: Regulations 38, Items 5.1.18 and 5.1.19; Regulation 41, Item 8.9 and 8.12
  • National Stock No. Water Ration: 8960-00-000-0170

Case and pallet shipping Info.

96 pouches per case 18 lbs per case
70 cases per pallet (1,310 lbs. per pallet) (Remember that most trailer's max weight is 20,000 lbs.)

As the cost of shipping cases and pallets of food or water is very expensive and fluctuates almost daily, you must call for current shipping prices to your location(s)

We are happy to quote freight from us or use your shipping accounts to arrange the best pricing for your needs.

ATTENTION Agency Purchasing Dept.:

When buying large quantities (20 plus cases, full pallets or trailer loads) This product is sold on a first-come, first-sold basis. Emergency food and water are packaged and boxed, on a production schedule year-round. The manufacturer can only make a set amount of product each day. For instance, the process to make emergency water takes hours and requires the right mix of special packaging materials and quality control to ensure a long-lasting, high-quality product.

There is no stockpile available at the factory to supply tons of finished product the day of your major disaster. They can't just put on another shift to produce more because now an agency wants to buy it. You and your agency must budget and plan (and pre-pay) for any large order before your disaster.

(The above answer is not meant to be rude, it is based on years last-minute requests by government agencies and corporations that believe that these products can be bought on a phone call and a Purchase Order)
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