Great Gift Ideas that they will never forget:

the EMT trauma First aid kit.The EMT Kit:

One of our most popular trauma first aid kits is a great gift for anyone in first responders, EMS, Nursing and Medical Students. 

Perfect for your car trunk, or Scout backpack the kit most people wish they had at an auto accident. Include supplies for CPR (with airways), bleeding, burns, splinting, eye care and so much more. 

Professional quality medical and rescue tools from shears, lister to window punch to penlights you have everything you need to make a real difference until Rescue units arrive.

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CERT Fleece Winter HAT Joining Community Emergency Response Team are fun and so rewarding, but you need to not only make sure you can be seen on-site but also warm and comfortable when helping your community. 

Items like our Fleece CERT Winter Cap will keep you warm and seen day or night. 

Helps keep the cold wind off your brain and the neon green will get attention in area with moving cars and trucks.

Hey... Have a different first responder in mind?

We make these hats for a variety of Hometown Heroes including Chaplains, Nurses, Doctors, SAR, Police and Fire. Tell us what you need and we will put it on our fleece hats. 
Fleece hats and ball caps colors include Black, Navy, Royal, Pink Neon Orange or Yellow. call us today!  

Do They Have One of These?

Let's face it - medical and rescue people are gearheads. We like our toys. The nice part is our "toys save lives" In our new reality, military-grade tourniquets are now a must-have in every first aid kit and trauma pack. But many people still don't even have them on ambulances and fire trucks. if you are a first responder or competent first aider - you need a Rescue Tourniquet