Stop The Bleed Deluxe Single Pack Stop the Bleed Deluxe pack

Stop The Bleed Deluxe Single Pack


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Basic upon the national standard for the Stop the Bleed program, we have developed an individual rescue kit.  this kit features critical tools and products needed to Stop Severe Bleeding for one to possibly two injured people without the expensive clotting bandage products. It uses tourniquets, compound dressings, Krinkle gauze for packing with tourniquets and absorbent pressure dressings.

Our Exclusive pack is designed to fit in most trauma kits or in each AED cabinet so these two lifesaving skill kits are readily at hand.

 See our list of supplies below. 

  • 2 each modern tourniquets
  • 2 each pressure dressings
  • 2 each 5 x 9 absorbent abdominal dressings
  • 2 each Krinkle-style gauze roll
  • 1 Each Trauma shears
  • 1 Each 1-inch medical tape
  • 1 Each bio-hazard bag
  • 1 each 6x6 self-closing bag
  • 2 each triage tags
  • 1 Sharpie marker
  • Stop the Bleed Instructions/ information card
  • 4 each Nitrile Gloves
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