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The EMT Kit
The EMT Kit

The EMT Kit


Designed for both the new and advanced EMT and Paramedic, our kit is built in a unique, "book=opening" bag to easily see the tools you need when you first get onscene. Go no further - this makes a GREAT gift!

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The basic off-duty EMT kit for a First Responder, Firefighter, EMT, paramedic or nurse.

Excellent for the new EMT or First Responder that needs a good selection of quality supplies and tools without dragging the whole ambulance with them. We provide the supplies and diagnostic supplies you need until the cavalry arrives. Fits well into your car, rescue kit, saddlebag or boat.

Value priced and a great graduation or beginning career gift. Fits nicely in the trunk.  Add a name to the bag for $7.00!

Size: 17" Long x 9" High x 8" Deep

Also you may want to check out our oxygen administration kit or more advanced first aid and trauma kits

Kit Contents

EMT 1 Trauma First Aid Kit

Description  Quantity

Airway Management

Pocket Style CPR Mask with O2 port1
Oral Airway Set (Berman)1

Infection Control

Nitrile Gloves24 
Hand Sanitizer Packets12
Eye/Face Shield Combos2
Molded Face mask2
Infectious Control Bags2

Minor Wound Care

1 x 3 Adhesive bandages32
Extra Large Plastic bandages10
Knuckle Bandages10
Fingertip Bandages10
Butterfly Closure Strips10 
1" surgical Silk style tape1
1" Surgical Transparent Tape1

Bandaging and Dressings

2" Roller Gauze (Sterile)2
3" Roller gauze (Sterile)2
Krinkle Gauze Roll  (Sterile)2
4 x 4 Gauze Pads 2/pack (Sterile)10
3 x 3 Gauze Pads 2/pack (Sterile)10
5 x 9 Trauma Dressing (Sterile)2
8 x 10 Trauma Dressing (Sterile)1
10 x 30 Trauma Dressing (Sterile)1
Dynastopper compression dressing (Sterile)1
Wound Closure Strips (Card) (Sterile)1
3" x 4.5 yards elastic wrap1
3" roll of cohesive wrap
 Oval Eye Pad (Sterile)2

Topical Items

 BZK Wound Wipes12
 Alcohol Wipes (best for tool cleaning)20
 PVP Iodine Wipes20
 Instant chemical cold packs2
 Chemical Body Warmers2
 Chemical Hand Warmers2
 WaterJel burn Dressing 4x41
 Eye Wash 4 oz.1

Medical  Tools & Instruments

Adult Blood Pressure Cuff Latex Free1
Dual head Stethoscope1
Disposable LED  Penlight1
EMT Shears - 7 1/2"1
EMT Shears - 5 1/2"1
Seat Belt Cutter1
Ring Cutter1
Window Punch1
Splinter / Tweezer with Magnifier1
Patient Record Pad with Pencil1
Triage Tag2

Splinting Materials

Moldable padded splint 36"1
Moldable padded Finger Splints2
Triangle bandage with safety pins1


 Additional Items

 Foil Emergency Blanket2
 Plastic Whistle1
 Chemical Lightstick
EMT style medical bag in either International Orange or
Royal Blue. Bag features multiple interior mesh pockets
 for organizing the EMT 1 kit.

Suggested Users

Great For First Responders, EMTs, Paramedics, nursing students, pre-med and medical students, RNs and firefighters. Have professional level tools and supplies without breaking the bank in an easy to fit, go pack. Also known as: EMT Kit Emergency Trauma Kit EMT Medical Kit Paramedic Kit
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